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Why switch to LED
Being energy-efficient and environmentally conscious has progressed from simply being a good idea to a way of life, not just for consumers, but for businesses looking to cut their overhead expenditures by reducing their carbon footprint and additionally appealing to a more green savvy clientele. Switching to LED lights is one way companies can be on the cutting edge of corporate concern for their energy expenditure. LED lighting is now beginning to revolutionize the lighting market and offer consumers huge savings as well as giving peace of mind by being highly energy efficient, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. Find out more on the advantages of switching to LED lighting below.


Find an overview of the characteristics and benefits of LEDs. In various indoor and outdoor applications, different advantages will be important.


LED has become the new synonym for a sustainable & green lighting solution and a way of life across indoor and outdoor spaces. With growing demand in the market and multiple manufacturers offering a variety of LED solutions, the market is moving at a rapid pace. In such a scenario, it becomes important to know the key promoters in technology and have an evaluation system which would help the users in choosing a right LED lighting solution.

LEDFor a reliable and quality performance
1 Country of origin and make of your LEDs LEDs from countries known for technology and advancement in engineering are more reliable. The LED manufacturer’s years of operation and patents held, signifies its contribution in transforming the LED technology.
2 Quality of LED (Binning for consistent colour, lumen output & forward voltage Binning refers to classification of production yields. The smaller the binning tolerance the better the performance and higher the cost.
LEDs are generally binned for 3 parameters:
- Lumen Output - for high consistency and reliability.
- Forward Voltage - ensures better performance and long life.
- Colour temperature - maintains uniform colour appearence
3 High lumen output LEDs with higher lumen output help in giving the right light along with significant savings in energy. An LED should have a minimum efficacy of 130 lumens/watt.
4 Right colour temperature A right color temperature choice is important so as to best suit the application area. LEDs complying to McAdam 3 or 5 (SDCM) Standard Deviation of Color Matching ensure the best quality, consistency in color and hence better reliability.
5 Compliance to LM80, L70 LM80 standard is as per IESNA guidelines and is a worldwide accepted standard for qualifying the Life of LEDs. Any LM80 compliant LEDs ensure funtional life and is known to increase the reliability index of the luminaire.
6 Total system lumen package While choosing the right LED Luminaire focus should be on total lumen package delivered by luminaire and not on wattage of the luminaire. Appropriate lighting levels are achieved by choosing LED luminaire delivering required system lumens at optimum system wattage and users may not have to compromise on key parameters like LPD (Light Power Desnity), uniformity etc.
DRIVERFor longer service life and freedom from maintenance
1 Compatibility with electrical environment The driver should be able to operate in fluctuating supply conditions and provide adequate immunity to line transients like spikes and surges.
2 Constant current & constant voltage multistage isolated driver with low harmonics The multistage isolated driver avoids interference between the input and output, thereby protecting the LEDs. Precision CCCV operation of LEDs improves reliability and low harmonics ensure lower impact and ill effects on the electrical system.
3 Useful system life Use of high quality components ensure efficient operations and long life of the driver (atleast 40000 burning hours).
4 Short circuit, open circuit, output over voltage protection & surge protection A driver needs to have protection against over voltage, surge, short circuit etc as the input power supply quality is not very stable and good.
5 Compliance with safety and performance standards Driver should be designed to comply with safety and performance standards for reliable operation and long service life.
THERMAL MANAGEMENTFor efficient system and good component life
1 Thoughtful design for ambient conditions Light output from the LED luminaire depends on overall working of luminaire temperature. At higher ambient temperature a well designed thermal management system ensures, the working temperature in the luminaire does not go beyond specified levels to ensure a consistent light output.
2 Effective heat dissipation mechanism The heat generated at the LED junction needs to be vented out by an appropriate heat dissipation mechanism. Non dissipation of the heat would result in a lower light output and reduced LED life.
3 Maintained junction temperature Luminare design should ensure that the junction temperature in LEDs is always below specified temperature by the LED manufacturer to maximise LED life and luminaire performance.
OPTICSFor uniform and pleasant lighting experience
1 High Optical Efficiency LEDs are point devices and hence there is a certain amount of glare they can create. Well designed optics used in the LED luminaires not only control the glare but also act as a right channel for a better distribution of light resulting in high optical efficiency.
2 Good Volumetric Lighting High efficiency diffusers with good transmissivity ensure uniform and soft distribution of light that help create well lit and pleasant ambiences.
DESIGN & AESTHETICSFor innovative and urban spaces with excellent functionality
1 Innovative design Innovation and design form the core of any product development process. Thoughtfully designed luminaires enhance the ambience of any indoor or outdoor space. Good and minimalistic design turn the environment even more contemporary and meets the ever evolving market needs and requirements.
2 Trusted brand Products from a company with a significant experience are time tested and reliable.An experienced company has a proven product development process, which helps in rolling out efficient products coupled with latest technology.
3 Technologically advanced The relevance of a technology is measured by its scale of adaption. Companies which innovate with new technologies are more likely to provide better solutions.


LED has become the new synonym for a sustainable & green lighting solution and a way of life across indoor and outdoor spaces. With growing demand in the market and multiple manufacturers offering a variety of LED solutions, the market is moving at a rapid pace. In such a scenario, it becomes important to know the key promoters in technology and have an evaluation system which would help the users in choosing a right LED lighting solution.

Key parameters’check list What PAR Offers
Country of origin and Make Best in class LED technology from KOREA
Quality of LEDs (Binning) High lumen output of minimum 130 lm/watt
Lumen output LM80 compliant LEDs
Compliant to LM80 standard  
System lumens of LED luminaire  
Key parameters’check list What PAR Offers
Compatibility with electrical environment Conforms to relevant international standards
Multistage isolated driver Constant Current & Constant Voltage (CCCV) driver
Useful system life 2/3 stage isolated drivers
Protection against voltage surges Good design and quality components for a long service life
Compliance with safety and performance standard Designed and manufactured in India specially for Indian power conditions
Key parameters’check list What PAR Offers
Effective heat dissipation mechanism In all products junction temperature is maintained well below the maximum specified limit
Designed for varying ambient temperatures MCPCBs for high wattage LED luminaires for better heat dissipation
Maintaining junction temperature within specified limits Luminaires can operate in varied ambient conditions (upto 45º C)
Key parameters’check list What PAR Offers
Uniform and glare free lighting HET (High Efficiency Translucence) or LGP (Light Guide Panel) technology in most of the indoor luminaires
Good volumetric lighting Uniform and glare free lighting experience with reduced LPD in indoor luminaires
Optical efficiency Volumetric distribution for good lighting and safety
Key parameters’check list What PAR Offers
Innovative design Innovative designs aligned with latest technology
Latest technology Over 20 years of experience and expertise in lighting design
Form and function
Trusted brand